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Sunday, September 12, 2010

School Holidays 2010-2011

Dear Readers,

Welcome back! Here we go embarking on a new school year. During the holidays I decided to look up the holiday dates for next year. However, the French governments calendar wasn’t very clear so I decided to make an easy-to-understand calendar in English for you. This is the first place on the internet to have one! So here it is…  The school holidays in France depend on what zone you’re living in.

As you can see on the map, France is split into three zones. Zone A, Zone B and Zone C. Find your department on the map to see which zone it’s in and then look at the corresponding column of the table showing the holiday times below.

Zone A: Caen,  Clermont-Ferrand,  Grenoble,  Lyon,  Montpellier,  Nancy-Metz,  Nantes,  Rennes,  Toulouse.
Zone B: Aix-Marseille,  Amiens,  Besançon,  Dijon,  Lille,  Limoges,  Nice,  Orléans-Tours,  Poitiers,  Reims,  Rouen,  Strasbourg.
Zone C: Bordeaux,  Créteil,  Paris,  Versailles.

Zone A
Zone B
Zone C
Back to school
Thurs 2 Sept 2010
Thurs 2 Sept 2010
Thurs 2 Sept 2010
All Saints
23 Oct – 4 Nov
23 Oct – 4 Nov
23 Oct – 4 Nov
18 Dec ‘10 – 3 Jan ‘11
18 Dec ‘10 – 3 Jan ‘11
18 Dec ‘10 – 3 Jan ‘11
Winter Break
26 Feb – 14 Mar
19 Feb – 7 Mar
12 Feb – 28 Feb
Spring Break
23 Apr – 9 May
16 Apr – 2 May
9 Apr – 26 Apr
Summer Hols
2 Jul 2011
2 Jul 2011
2 Jul 2011
All holidays begin after classes and end on the mornings of the days indicated. Students who don’t have classes on Saturdays begin their holidays on Friday afternoon after class.

Click here to download a larger version

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