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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our guide to your rentrée kit

Dear Readers,

Yes, it’s time to go back to school and here is The Lycée Times guide to your rentrée needs. If you’re new to France this year or, indeed, new to the school system, then there are a few words and names of things you’re going to need to know. Here is that list.

For Maths, you may need:
  • compas (a compass)
  • règle plate 30 cm (a 30cm ruler)
  • équerre (a square/set square)
  • rapporteur (a protractor)
  • calculatrice (a calculator)

For French, you may need:
  • classeur (ring-bound folder)
  • un cahier de brouillon (a copy you can use for draft sheets)
  • intercalaires (dividers for your ring-bound folder)
  • pochettes transparents perforées (clear plastic pockets for ring-bound folders)
  • In Lycée, a notes copybook is recommended

For languages, you may need:
  • un carnet (a small copybook, usually used for vocabulary- Hardback recommended)
  • un cahier (a copybook)
  • un cahier grand format (A4 copybook)

Other things may include:
  • porte-vues (folder with clear plastic pockets attached)
  • feutres (marker pens)
  • crayons de couleur (colouring pencils)
  • crayon (pencil)
  • stylo encre/plume (fountain pen)
  • cartouches (ink cartridges for fountain pens)
  • gomme (eraser)
  • ciseaux (scissors)
  • colle (glue)
  • règle (ruler)
  • copies doubles (basically one bit of paper folded in two to make two A4 pages with squares – for writing)
  • copies simples (A4 pages with squares – for writing)
  • Kway (waterproof coat)

Hope this list helps you all,

Article by The Editor


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