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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lycée General - Module and Aide Individualisée

Dear Readers,

It's been a while since the last post due to some computer problems but should be near to normal this week and back to normal soon.

This week I'll be talking about the "heures de module" in Lycée General. In Lycée General you may have module hours in your timetable. Some lycées don't have this and some lycées have them for different subjects. The normal subjects are things that you do experiments in, such as SVT (biology) and Physics and Chemistry, and others can include French, History and Geography etc. The "heures de module" are classes composed of half the class, usually around 14 students (depends on the location of the school), and these class hours concentrate on things that you are doing in class but sometimes from a different aspect or deeper into the subject. These classes are useful for both student and teacher as the student can get more help from the less-occupied-than-usual teacher and the teacher can get to know the weaknesses of the class and individual students so that they can focus more on those points once with the full class. Typically, during module you work in groups of three or four or sometimes just with the person next to you. Module hours shouldn't be wasted as they are useful to catch up if you've missed out on something or if you don't understand something. Should you have that problem there might be an hour or "Aide Individualisée" on your timetable. This class is optional and the students who go to it are those who are stuck on something or aren't sure about a topic treated in class etc. It would be a very good idea to go to your hours of French Aide Individualisée if you aren't receiving extra help from the school in learning the language. These hours go back over the things covered in class and are very useful so use them wisely as you only have them in Seconde. Aide Inividualisée hours are typically for French and Maths and you have one hour of each during the week. If Aide Individaulisée is not attended, the student does étude libre (free study) instead.

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